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Portable kitchens 

  • In order to be a great chef anywhere (camping, garden, catering, ...) you need the best tools like this kitchen with gas oven. Easy to assemble and use without installation.

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  • Portable stove with disposable cartridge operation for the camper van, caravans, boats, camping, picnic days or as an additional fire at home or in small vehicles. It has a security system and electric ignition so it does not need matches or a lighter to light it.

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  • Practical oven with portable kitchen to be a great chef anywhere (camping, garden, catering, ...) due to its compact and light size. Made of stainless steel and with a thermostat to know the oven temperature. Transportation included in the peninsula

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  • New, KAMPA Freedom oven for portable gas camping that works with disposable gas cartridge type CP25, so it does not need hose, regulator or cylinder. The oven works with gas disposable cartridge type CP250. Free transportation in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands

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  • Fully adjustable two burner high power gas burner camping hob. Combines compact size, portability and cooking power. It has a large kitchen area, ideal for large pans

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  • Luxurious two-burner stove with folding grill area to take up minimal storage space in your recreational vehicle.

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  • Fully adjustable high performance two burner gas cooker with lid. It combines a compact size, with portability and cooking power. Large kitchen area, ideal for large frying pans

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