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Portabicicletas para el enganche del coche
  • Warning plate approved for outstanding loads suitable for motorhomes, minivans, SUVs and for rear or hitch bike carriers. Mandatory for outbound loads in Spain and Italy, so you have to buy one if you use a rear bike rack.

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  • Plastic sign with 4 round reflective devices.

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  • Cover for one or two bikes and for use in front or rear bicycle rack. With V-20 Outboard Charging Plate pocket when used in the rear position.

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  • Aluminum license plate bar with running lights. Ideal solution to install in Bicycle Carriers that cover the lights and the vehicle's license plate when the bicycles are loaded. Easy to install on the Tubular Bicycle Rack with the anchors supplied as standard. It is valid for any bike rack with round bars.The bar rotates 90 ° to be correctly positioned on...

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