Shipping and returns


Orders served from our offices are sent by courier to be the deadline for delivery in the Spanish territory, from order acceptance by our IMARA®, eight calendar days.

Failure to meet the deadline due to lack of materials IMARA® notify the receipt of the order, notifying the new deadline to be accepted by the buyer.

IMARA®, has a flat shipping rate depending on country of e'nvío the material. The shipping cost is as follows:

  • At any point of the peninsule (Spanish territory) and the Balearic Islands is 8.50 € VAT included.
  • At any point in the continental Portugal (excluding Azores and Madeira) is € 15.50 including VAT.
  • Anywhere in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, continental France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania is € 18.50 VAT included.
  • Anywhere in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg is € 24.50 VAT included.
  • Anywhere in Denmark, Finland and Sweden is € 42.75 VAT included.


IMARA® accept returns if the selected product is not desired by the customer within 7 days after receipt of order. The buyer must contact by email with IMARA® to accept the return of the material. The shipment must be prepaid to the measured indicated by IMARA®, not accepting any shipments that has not been previously agreed.

This section does not apply to products supplied to the court as advances floors, skirts, ... and that can not be taken back because of this.


IMARA® accept returns for product failure always provided that the buyer contact IMARA® to study the complaint and accept the submission of material to study. The shipment should make prepaid by the measured indicated by IMARA®, not accepting any shipments that has not been previously agreed.

IMARA® shall study the product and repair, reset or pay the returned material if the material defect or manufacturing flaw is due. If accepted the claim transport costs will not be paid the same amount that the customer paid on the purchase of the product and never higher.

If instead it is detected that the problem has been caused by rough handling of the product or does not reproduce the malfunction referred to in our facilities IMARA® will reject the claim is not paying any expense incurred during the claim. The deadline for the study of the product is 20 calendar days after receipt at the headquarters of IMARA®.

IMARA® only accept claims for break in transport if it is noted on the delivery note that the packaging will transport has arrived damaged or broken. In the case of impact damage or lack of material alone claims notified by email within after receipt of the material 24h will be accepted.

Shipping address for returns is:

IMARA Outdoor Passatge Estany, 5, Sils, 17410, Girona